Wheat/Oat Grower Update

Wheat/Oat Grower Update

Over the weekend I looked at several seed wheat fields and found most to be in very good shape, both in development and tiller count.

The photo above shows AGS 2040 a new (release 2013) early maturing wheat that was planted two days before Thanksgiving with five or  more tillers per plant. This wheat has had about 70 pounds of N applied so far, and the rest will go out within a few days. At this time no jointing has started (late Feekes 5) but appears to be about five days or less off. Cooler weather will slow this. The first jointing (node) will occur on the largest of the tillers.

Wheat 02-16-2013 015-1
The wheat plant on the right has 3 joints ( Feekes mid- 7) and the small head of wheat is forming, (upper toothpick) the darker green spot just above the white line of the joint. This wheat could be damaged with the 25 degree cold weather this weekend.

As March approaches, growers need to watch for diseases. Please do not apply fungicides to early. Now is the time to apply your last nitrogen and sulfur. Think about mixing 1000 lbs of UREA and 1000 lbs of Ammonium Sulfate per ton. This will make a 35.-0-0-12 sulfur. Great for that last N application.

It is time to think of soybeans – what type of treatment you will require and to order your ULTRA-LATE soybeans, so they can be placed into cold storage until you are ready to plant.

Good Growing!

** Information obtained from 2013 Georgia Pest Control Handbook and Intensive Wheat Management in Georgia.  As always follow label and dispose of empties properly.