Soybean Update

Soybean Update

May planted growers need to check their fields for insects NOW. Three cornered Alfalfa Hoppers are really out in force along with the Kudzu bug. See picture of damage by Three Cornered Alfalfa  Hopper below. Often the stem will just break with wind or just walking through the field.

Kudzu bugs -2
Kudzu Bugs
3 cornered
3 Cornered Alfalfa Hoppers

Here are two very good sites for more information on Kudzu bugs:

Late Planting 

Please put 40-50 lbs. of N out following corn for best yields; plant with a drill on 7 in centers. AGS 5911 LL is a very good late planted bean and has Liberty tolerance. 

Good Growing!

*Some information obtained from 2014 Georgia Pest Control Handbook,                       Soybean Diagnostic Guide, and Dupont.

*** As always follow label and dispose of empties properly.