Wheat Grower Update 3-22-20

Wheat Grower Update 3-22-20

Early planted wheat is heading, NOT FLOWERING, IF YOUR WHEAT IS HEADING THEN YOU WILL NEED TO WAIT FIVE DAYS BEFORE YOU LOOK TO SEE IF IT IS TIME TO SPRAY YOUR Mirvais Ace FOR THE BEST CONTROL.( get your chemical now I hear it could be hard to find)

PLEASE SPRAY AT Feekes 10.5.1 (see photo) and up to 5 days after flowering put out Caramba, Proline, Prosaro, and the best MIRVAIS ACEThis approach should decrease your exposure to FHB while keeping the other diseases in check.

Foliar insecticide treatments for aphid control: A well-timed insecticide application of a persistent pyrethroid insecticide such as lambda cyhalothrin (Warrior, Karate, Lambda, Silencer, others) will kill aphids and reduce the incidence of BYD and increase yields. 

FHB When to spray

Good Growing, Blake and Jimmy

Information from: Christina Cowger, Small Grains Pathologist USDA-ARS North Carolina State University and Intensive Wheat Management in Georgia.