AgSouth Genetics, LLC Trait Stewardship Policy

AGSouth as a company sells only Certified or Quality Assured seed that has been inspected by the State of Origin Crop Improvement Association.  This assures growers using AgSouth Seed Products of independent verification of products we market.  Our stewardship goes much farther than certification and quality control;  AGSouth and its dealers must include the areas listed below:

  • Extend activities beyond simple reporting of saving seed problems and proactively remind users that saving seed is prohibited (seed production for Roundup Ready®Soybeans is not allowed).
  • Messages to discourage saved seed can include not only the legal risks of enforcement actions, but also can include the performance value that new varieties bring over bin run seed as well as program eligibility that comes with new seed (e.g., Roundup Rewards and seed company replant protection).
  • Report seed piracy issues anonymously to 1-800-768-6387.  Dealer employees are not to overlook seed piracy.
  • Employees are NOT to participate in seed piracy acts or cover-ups.  This includes issuing invoices to cover the use of saved seed or sales followed by "returns" for the same purpose.
  • Employees shall cooperate with seed piracy verification and investigations by the patent holders.
  • Use seed piracy literature to educate customers about the benefits of new seed and risks associated with seed piracy.
  • Present the MTA to the grower and point out both the opportunities & benefits available under the Agreement as well as responsibilities.
  • Obtain Grower's signature and give the pink copy to the grower along with the Technology Use Guide for his/her files, return the Monsanto copy (white) to the address on the form and retain the dealer (yelow) copy in a dealer file in the event it should be needed at a later date.
  • Obtain original grower signatures on a new MTA for any old MTA that may not have been originally signed by the grower.
  • Dealers or their employees are not to sign grower agreements and/or rebate submission forms on behalf of the grower.
  • Ensure that all sales of soybean, corn, cotton, canola and alfalfa seed containing any Roundup Ready®, YieldGard® or Bollgard® train (including stacks), are sold only to growers who have signed an MTA.
  • Regularly check the "Licensed Grower List" and the "Do Not License or Do Not Sell Monsanto Patended Traits" lis posted on

AGSouth as a company supports Land Grant Universities through the South.  If we cut off the royalty stream then these breeding programs may disappear. AGSouth Products are Southern bred for Southern Farmers.

With the support of the above policies we can improve our stewardship of the property Land Grant Universities and private breeders are allowing Southern Farmers to use.

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